Welcome to Frankie Cyanide's Not-So-Secret Hideout!

If you're here, you probably already know who I am. But if you don't, that's cool because now you can find out! My name is Frankie M. Cyanide (the M. stands for "Mmmeeehhhhh" and I never really use it anymore), and I'm a drag performer based out of Stamford, CT!

This page is really ugly right now because I'm coding it myself and I haven't touched html all that much since customizing my MySpace page... And, uh, I guess that was about fifteen years ago. So, you know. Once I get the hang of things this'll look better, I guess? I'm pretty sure all the tags I know are pre-HTML5 and I know basically no CSS, but my day job is in IT so I really should get it together and learn this stuff.

If you'd like to actually see who I am, my Instagram and Facebook pages are significantly less horrible. This is, for now, just a fun side project.